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Pebble is the first True Plug & Play hand dryer ever to be released, and is brought to you by Velair.

The Pebble is considered to be Velair’s flagship model for quality and performance, however, it won’t cost the earth as it sits in our mid-range price offering. The feature list is robust. However, there are a couple of features you wouldn’t expect to see in a mid-range hand dryer.

Firstly it has an ultra-low carbon brushless engine, which sits at the heart of the Pebble. At just 300 watts, consumption is barely registered – and based on 200 uses per day every day, the Pebble costs only £6 to run per annum. It will also run for more than 15 years!

The second thing you’ll notice about the Pebble is just how beautiful the whole unit is when sited on the wall. The design is flawless, with three finishes to choose from, including a limited edition black unit with menacing red LED, so there’s a little choice. What’s not to love!

The Pebble sits on Velair’s NEW multi-product True Plug & Play platform, called TERRA4, which will allow for all future hand dryers to sit on the same backplate. This means that users can simply replace or upgrade models without the need for any skilled labour. It’s literally as simple to replace as a click into place.

This product is coming soon, the Pebble True Plug & Play is due to be released officially mid-April, but we’re showcasing demo models now and orders can be placed in advance. Get in touch now.