About Velair UK

Established 5 years ago, Velair was originally set up to oversee sales and support hand dryer warranty in the UK for Spanish manufacturer Veltia.

Over the next few years, Velair attracted a number of hand dryer manufacturers who also required a fully committed UK partner with a strong B2B approach. Velair now supply over 200 businesses with a hand dryer package, this has only been made possible by working with manufacturers that understand our business as well as a technical service team that always look after our partners first.

Veltia hand dryers are now sold in 79 countries around the world including the UK which happened to import its first Veltia V1 in 2006. Fast forward 8 years and we now have the V7-300 which incorporates a number of technologies only found in Veltia hand dryers, evolution has certainly played its part.

Our hand dryer is the only dryer to incorporate 300 jets of air strategically placed to dry both sides of your hands without the need to move them. The Veltia V Series dries your hands in a soft and gentle manner.

Patented technology allows excess water from your hands to be directed and collected within the Veltia dryer itself and not on the floor, the washroom environment isn’t spoilt by excessive noise, but instead the same noise level you’d find acceptable in any washroom.

All Veltia hand dryers come with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty; we even created Veltia Technical Services (VTS) to make sure that in the unlikely event you do have a problem, a member of the Velair team will be there to assist you.

Bringing the best products to you

Not only do we bring you all of the Veltia range of hand dryers, as part of our business packages we can also supply the VERDEdri™ by World Dryer at the best prices.

The VERDEdri™ is a high speed, surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer featuring HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology. Extremely energy efficient utilizing only 950 watts of power, the adjustable two speed motor controls and global universal voltage features accommodate any commercial washroom environment.