News From Velair

New colour for the V7 and V7 Tri-Blade

Sky Blue has been added to the standard 10 colour Veltia range. Each year, Veltia plan to release a new colour to add to their already extensive off the shelf collection. Check out our revolutionary V7 & V7 Tri-Blade.Veltia v7 Triblade Sky Blue Detail


Zero-Gel now in Calvin Klein Fragrance

Zerosmell Hand Dryer FragranceNext month see the launch of another Veltia Zero-Gel fragrance. The gel pack which lasts 3 months was only available in one fragrance. The new gel has a slight fragrance similar to that of CK 1 the legendary uni-sex perfume from Calvin Klein. Available to order now.

Incentive 2014/2015

Officially launched 1st October, this year’s incentive scheme will see 13 companies aiming to go to Spain next year. 10 months might seem a long time, but as we know, time flies, so don’t leave it until the last minute. If you would like details on how to enter the Veltia incentive scheme please contact the office, we’d love to have you on-board.


Veltia UK Incentive winners

Shorrock Tri-ChemWell done to Shorrock Tri-Chem who became the first Veltia partner to achieve the Veltia 2013/14 incentive. The incentive set last October lasted 10 months. Shorrocks achieved the set sales target and travelled to Barcelona staying at one of the top 5 star hotels in the city. All expenses paid, a swanky dinner and a relaxing atmosphere made sure this was a trip to remember.

Veltia V7 Tri-Blade Released

Veltia UK have become the first company worldwide to receive the much anticipated V7 Tri-Blade. The Tri-Blade is a step away from Veltia’s patented ‘anti-splash’ technology 300 micro-jet system. In essence the same hand dryer, with a different air configuration and blade type outlet allows the user to dry their hands in a more aggressive manner. With an average dry time of 11 seconds, the Tri-Blade is quick drying, energy efficient and well designed.

veltia-v7-triblade-white veltia-v7-triblade-silver-aluminiumveltia-v7-triblade-cherry_red   veltia-v7-triblade-atlantic_blue