f2 dryer

F2 Eco Dryer

This automatic hand dryer is one of the smallest, most economical hand dryers on the market. Available in white, satin and polished steel, there is little that can complete. With the ability to sit comfortably in any environment, any sector and run on as little as 250 watts, this is one of the best, this is the Eco F2.


  • 10-12 seconds drying time
  • Powerful Operation
  • Low energy use
  • Automatic Operation
  • Blue LED light for hand range
  • Variable noise adjustment
  • Variable power adjustment
  • Heater disabled option
  • High quality steel construction
  • 5 Year warranty


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Available Colours

white f2

Product Code: VUK020
Colour: White

f2 satin

Product Code: VUK021S
Colour: Satin

f2 polished

Product Code: VUK021
Colour: Polished