Meet the team

Matt Anderson
Managing Director

I established Velair in 2012. We know all there is to know about hand dryers, it’s what we do and
what we’ve always done. Our products and services are based around providing a simple offering, quality products and fantastic customer service.

Simply put we eat, drink and sleep hand dryers.

Russ Lynes
Warehouse Manager and Technician

I’m the hand dryer repair technician. I also manage the Warehouse and pick & pack orders. I’m also the general handyman. I’ve been working with the company since 2016!

In my previous life I was a qualifying supervisor electrician with Hoburne Developments for roughly 35 years. I really enjoy working for Velair, a great, expanding team of enthusiastic people!

A little-know fact: I enjoy occasional legal green laning in my Land Rover and recently rediscovered LEGO ‘Technic’, much to the detriment of my wallet!

Teila Hurlock
Head of Marketing

Also known as the Marketing Wizard, I am the one stop shop for anything Velair marketing. I do anything from organise or create the pretty pictures, manage the website and social media channels, create and manage video content, brochures, copywriting, trademarks, PR, branding etc. The list goes on really.

I’ve worked for Velair since October 2019 and have helped the business through a full rebrand. I’ve also pulled them kicking and screaming (ha not really!) into the digital age. With a full 360o background, I’ve been in the field of marketing, events and PR for roughly a decade. After starting my career out working for Bentley in an advertising agency, I moved over to contracting for the likes of McCarthy & Stone, Bournemouth Tourism, Cardiff University, Spar and Netcall to name just a few.

A little-known fact: I used to be a professional 9 ball American pool player and have had the pleasure of playing against some of the world’s greats – Earl Strickland and Steve Davis. I’ll admit it, they totally beat me!

John Anderson
Technical Support

I offer technical support to our Velair customers. I have my own workshop where I carry out repairs when necessary. Part of my role is to carry out diagnostic reports, build, clean and polish dryers.

I started with Velair (previously known as Veltia) back in November 2011 when the business opened a repair workshop inhouse – cutting repair time from 3 months to 1 week. Before working my role here I spent 34 years as an SBR Monomer Recovery Technician Team Leader, for my last 3 years I was assigned the task of removing 50 years of scrap metal from site which involve 2 miles of railway track, 1 loco and 500 wooden sleepers plus 50 years of old steam compressors, storage vessels and plethora of drums motors and heating coils. My job is challenging, never boring – and if it doesn’t dry your hands I am not interested.

A little-known fact: I am one of few people who can operate a steam driven compressor.

Andy Feast
Head of Compliance

A recent addition to the Velair team, having only joined the company in January 2020. Before this I worked for a hand dryer and washroom equipment company for over 46 years, manufacturing, sourcing and selling dryers within the UK and export markets. Rather than retiring completely, I was delighted to be offered a part time role assisting the Velair team wherever possible and am enjoying the opportunity to work with a young dedicated team.

A little-known Fact: The most unusual place to have conducted a hand dryer seminar was the top floor of the Burj Khalifa Building, Dubai.